About Us

Primarily, our main expertise involves the making of cabochons for jewelry artists.
Making Guitar Picks was just a natural niche to get into, once we had gained experience.
While polishing is pretty much the same, slicing the rock isn't so.
With Guitar Picks you must pay a lot of attention to cut the slice as thin as possible, but not too thin as the Pick would snap between your fingers.
Each guitar Pick is hand cut, carefully examined and polished. Only the good ones make it to the selling stage.
One thing we do not take credit for is the absolute beauty of the stone. This is merely created by mother nature over tens of thousands of years. Each pick has its unique signature and you'll never find two picks that are alike.

Available Shapes:

We make our Stone Guitar Picks in 4 shapes:


The thickness of the picks ranges from 1mm up to 5mm and sometimes more. The thicker picks are beveled down to 1mm in order to achieve the same accuracy as in the thin picks.
It is possible to put "grip grooves" on thick picks without risking the strength of the pick.
The Grip Grooves help to grip the smooth pick especially when hands are sweaty.